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Dialogic Learning, founder Tom Barrett is a man who learnt his craft as a teacher in the sprawling hills of the Lake District, working in primary schools in Robin Hood Country (Nottinghamshire, England).

An individual who has worked for positive change supporting schools, organisations and projects of every shape, his UK experience, now brought to Australia, makes him a worldly and passionate educator with unique value to offer clients.

The brief was to define a new brand & visual language that better reflected the intelligence, expertise and perspectives Dialogic Learning delivered, adapting this brand framework to promotional collateral.

Following a comprehensive workshop to better understand the process of partnerships with his clients, a 3D model emerged to inspire the new logo. The brand mark became a unique shape, the perfect collaboration of points, lines and shadows inspired by the model, a form reflective of Barrett’s ability to focus his clients on deliverable change while considering it from different perspectives.

The format became the vehicle to challenge the ordinary for his promotional pitch — an A5 brochure would not cut it. Intelligent graphic design with ‘origami aspirations’ a unique communications piece was crafted to reveal more as it opened, rewarding the reader with additional information or prompts to pique curiosity with each fold.