Design by Bird

Tractor Awards

  • Commissioned by Tractor Design School, alongside Studio Constantine, to design their student awards for graduating classes in Melbourne and Bairnsdale.

    We were tasked with creating something that the students actually want to hang on their wall and strive to receive at graduation; an object of desire, or art.Design by Bird’s outcome for “The Empty Canvas Award” & “The Qwerty Award” utilised varying materials, finishes and textures suitable for each award. Beautifully framed by United Measures.

    Inspired by the words attributed to the author Jack Kerouac, which in praise of “the ones who see things differently” reminds us of those people who maybe have to be crazy because “how else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art?” This Award celebrates extraordinary inspiration and creativity and is given in recognition of creative excellence.

    The Qwerty keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Soles and is used on every English language keyboard in the world. This unique sequence of letters, numbers and symbols was arrived at over a number of years and as a result of an extraordinary amount of work. In recognition of what can happen when you’re prepared to really apply yourself, this Award is given to students who have made the most progress during the course of their studies.


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    Luke Carson
    Studio Constantine

The importance of intuition in the design process

Design by Bird
Design by Bird