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260 Little Collins

  • In the heart of the Melbourne CBD, sought after for its prime location at the corner of Swanston St, lies 260 Little Collins – a nine-storey block of modern residential apartments encased in a beautifully preserved art deco building. Constructed in 1919, the building lends its history to former clothing retailer Cann’s.

    While the exterior architecture of the building grew classic with time and the apartments within adapted and changed with fashion and style, the early refurbishments to its residential street entrance and Swanston St retailer, foyer and common floor spaces dated. We were approached by AIGP to work alongside architect Shelley Roberts and give 260 Little Collins a refresh, with the vision to attract higher-end tenants in an increasingly competitive area.

    Our task was to create a suite of signage to complement the interior refurbishment plans. Our challenge was to find materials appropriate to the client’s budget that would give the desired high-end look and feel. After thorough research, we designed a collection of minimalist signage with beautiful, subtle finishes that showcases elements of the building’s past and future.

    Wanting to pay homage to the building’s stunning art deco architecture, the decal designed for the street entrance’s glass sliding doors shows a deconstruction of the decorative shapes at the building’s crown. Each aspect – from the choice of typeface to the placement to the shadows cast by the signs’ protrusion – was carefully considered to create the refinement and elegance the client wanted.

    In late 2013, after all refurbishments were finished, Lord Mayor of Melbourne Robert Doyle officially opened the fresh-faced 260 Little Collins, touting it the renaissance of Swanston St. We have received positive feedback from both the client and residents of the building, which now presents itself as a sophisticated metropolitan icon.


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    Luke Carson
    Paul Gleeson

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Design by Bird
Design by Bird