• Lovelight are passionate about elevating the aesthetic and function of beautifully designed spaces.
    An Australian, family owned and operated company that offers custom made-to-measure window furnishing solutions to architects, interior designers, builders, developers, investors and home owners nationally.
    Design by Bird was engaged to create a brand that reflected their essence: modern, elegant and present. Clarity and substance for an up and coming business.
    Through a rigorous process of research and workshopping with the brand and business leaders, Design by Bird defined the new brand mark and style guide for the business to use for future growth and collaborations.
    Considering the brand mark, the name hints at the primary elements the business considers: light captured to enhance the aesthetic and function of spaces for the lasting benefit of style, atmosphere, and temperature and privacy control. 
    Colour was distinguishing tool between the different business communications. Lovelight communications are broken up into three segments: ‘Top Level’, ‘Premium Communications’ and ‘Standard Communications’. in considering the role of colour, Design by Bird developed a series of bespoke artworks which reflected the interplay of diffused light through windows to be used as alternatives for print and digital material. 
    The multiple typefaces on past communications have been simplified to the single use of Akzidenz Grotesk and its numerous weights. A typography that clean and neutral, it’s a little friendlier and more approachable – qualities that align well with the Lovelight brand. 
    Assembling all these unique attributes, Design by Bird was able to collaborate with the LoveLight team to design a brand that reflected their vision for modernity, elegance and inspiration for future clients.

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    Luke Carson
    Diana Marcela
    Saskia Nicol
    Rachelle Criticos

The importance of intuition in the design process

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Design by Bird