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  • hrl have a rich history, beginning with the provision of science and engineering firepower to start Australia’s brown coal power station industry in the 1950s. Under the leadership of new owners in 2016, hrl: undertook a bold reinvention. Design by Bird were entrusted with the task of creating a brand that would usher these changes and attitudes of a company that aspired to be more agile, sustainable, and customer-focused than ever before.

    Design by Bird set out to create an overarching brand philosophy that would be more approachable and relatable, showing everyday experts in action, in everyday feats of engineering. The new company tagline ‘Expertise in Action’ comes directly from this thinking.

    Our team discarded the complexity and barriers between engineering and the everyday, and the everyday end consumer. We paired this with a tone of voice that is admirably nerdy and down to earth, yet technically astute. A company that is keen to share their love of engineering in bold, humanising and quirky ways.

    The brand colours are bold, prominently utilising the trusted hrl: blue, a nod to the organisation’s strong heritage and the modern bright green signifying the next chapter of customer focus, value, innovation and sustainability. Fittingly all brand collateral remains loyal to a strict underlying grid system and confident brand aesthetic, echoing precision and attention to detail that engineers bring to their work every day.

    A thorough graphic standards manual was created to ensure that consistency is achieved across all current and future brand applications.

    A core focus of updating the brand was to affect positive cultural and attitude changes within the company. This was achieved from the top down, adding value and equity to an already well-established and credible organisation.


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    Luke Carson
    Diana Marcela
    Rachelle Criticos
    Saskia Nicol

The importance of intuition in the design process

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