• A well earned brew

    The Melbourne coffee scene is, for the most part a very fun place to be in from a design perspective. When you couple that with a yet to be challenged level of trust generated from the client’s side, the result was a freedom of creativity that made this project a real joy to work on.

    We wanted to make something very image based. We knew this from the beginning; after all Caleb Heaney, formerly of Small Batch Roasters and Seven Seeds and Rebecca Notley (interior designer), put considerable commitment into sourcing the world’s best coffee beans, and we felt this should be celebrated.

    So there was a real logic behind cutting through layers of beautifully organised type and minimal aesthetics seen across the industry and disrupt this by genuinely engaging with the product. We looked and became increasingly inspired by texture at a micro level — the landscapes, the idiosyncratic rocky terrains of a single coffee bean. We aimed to capitalise on the beauty of imperfection.

    The result was a brand identity which included a logo, stationary, icons and packaging that celebrates each bean for its inherent individuality, and uses derivatives of national flags from which the products descend as the basis of product navigation.


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    Luke Carson
    Diana Marcela

The importance of intuition in the design process

Design by Bird
Design by Bird